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Brandon Robertson Associates is a leading healthcare market research and data collection agency that provides services to the pharmaceutical industry and full service agencies in multiple methodologies and therapy areas.

Our expertise lies in finding the answers to the “why” question which focuses on understanding the behaviour and attitudes within qualitative research and also specializing in quantitative research by typically answering the “what and “how many” question.

Our teams consists of the right people with the right experience and our project managers aim to ensure the smooth running of medical field projects by providing a flexible and approachable service to clients.

We at Brandon Robertson Associates passionately believe that by creating a quality-driven service we can enrich knowledge and ultimately play an important role in the improvement of current medicines and the development of new treatments

Whether your project requires Short Surveys, CATI, TDI, IDI or GD our experienced Recruitment Consultants are available to help match your project specifics to therapy areas, level of experience and location.

Focus Groups

A focus group is a form of qualitative research in which a group of people are asked about their perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes towards a product, service, concept, advertisement, idea, or packaging


Minigroup discussion. A group discussion involving fewer participants than usual; in the UK this would generally mean between three and five people.

Web Groups

A moderator invites pre-screened, qualified respondents who represent the target of interest to log on to conferencing software at a pre-arranged time and to take part in an online focus group

Work Shops

Depending on the objectives, workshops with respondents or clients al one, or workshops where respondents, clients, stakeholders all interact.


This is typically an interview conducted with two participants at once. If not known to each other, participants may be recruited as having similar behaviour and interests, or as a conflict pair. The latter is designed to dramatize differences between, for example loyal users of two different brands.

Triads & Dyads

Dyads and Triads can be thought of as very small focus groups. How ever, unlike with focus groups, there is occasionally a connection between participants (i.e. husband and wife or purchaser and user).


In depth Interviews – Conducted on one to one basis, an IDI is designed to reveal the underlying motives of the interviewee’s attitudes, behaviour, and perceptions


Telephone-Depth Interviews – Similarly designed as IDI’s but conducted over the telephone instead of face to face.

Web IDIs

In depth Interviews conducted Online involving webcams


Web-enabled telephone interviews that involves the posting of visual stimuli for the purpose of eliciting responses and conducting research from a secured area of a web site during one-on-one telephone interview

Online Bulletin Boards

This is a technique which is based on specialised software which allows respondents to log onto a password protected board – via their browser – where a moderator leads the discussion.  Respondents are encouraged to answer questions twice a day, and the discussion takes place over the course of a number of days.


Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing is a computer-aided system for conducting telephone Polls.


(Computer assisted web interviewing) – The CAWI questionnaire appears in the browser as a web-page that respondents can reach in different ways depending on the sample design.


Computer-assisted personal interview is a computer assisted face to face interview.

Sample Surveys

Survey sampling describes the process of selecting a sample of elements from a target population in order to conduct a survey.


Classification and Regression Tree models are computationally intensive techniques that allow an a nalyst to determine how segmentation variables can be divided into subsets based on their relationship to a series of predictor variables.

In addition to our Qualitative and Quantitative recruitment and analysis services, Brandon Robertson Associates are able to offer the following additional services to our clients. Call us and speak to one of our consultants and discuss your requirements further.

Additional Services

Specialist recruitment from large national and international databases

Note Taking

Recording Services


Interviewing services

Incentive provision with multi-currency

Last minute projects with deadline

Consumer recruitment

Venue Hire and Booking

Screener design

Tick box questionnaires over the phone

Compilation of results

Recruitment from Clients Lists


Inscribing & Transcribing services

Content Analysis & Analytical reporting services